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Friday, 16 August 2013

One thing that frustrates me ...

Friends on facebook will have probably seen me write that the past 2 nights we have had no power. No idea why, but on Wednesday night the power went off at 7.15pm & Thursday night the power went off at 6.15pm. Coincidence? I dunno.

The one thing I HATE about power cuts / outages is that I lip read & I am deaf! Trying to lip read is difficult at the best of times when there is absolutely no sound to use as backup (I'm not as good at lip reading now as I was when I still had some hearing).

But when you add to all of that, candles as the only available lighting, or torches (which give more light I guess, but tend to have more shadows), lip reading is damn near impossible! So imagine my frustration when it happens 2 nights in a row! 1st night (Wednesday) wasn't so bad, as it was later & everyone went to bed fairly early. However, I did have a high BSL for my T1 diabetes - so on those sorts of nights, I can't sleep til I get my BSL down somewhat. So I was stuck in the dark drinking & drinking & drinking & drinking (I always need to drink fluids when I am high to help flush it all out). But when you drink, you need to pee right!? It goes without saying lol. So here I was, the only one awake (probably hubby & lil miss were semi awake getting rather annoyed at my many trips to the bathroom lol), rushing off to the loo all the time with my silly little torch lol. Hopping back into bed & reading on my tablet - reading an ebook. However, my battery was terribly low, so I had everything switched off that I could & relying on just minimal stuff running so I could read as I had no idea when i'd be able to sleep again lol. 2am I finally got to sleep I think & by that time the power was on. No idea if it stayed on though!

The following night, Thursday night, power went off at 6.15pm - lasagne half way through cooking in the oven! Arghh bugger! Trying to figure out what to have for tea (takeaway), was proving rather tricky as we had to pick up MIL who was coming to visit for the weekend! lol. Anyway, figured all that out & had noodles for tea at home after picking them & MIL up from the train station. Then get to have the "silent treatment" from me for the rest of the night coz I can't lip read in the dark! Poor MIL must have wondered why on earth she's come to visit this weekend with no power in the middle of the Blue Mountains where its so much colder over winter than shes used to back in Dubbo lol.

Once again, it was another long night with no power. Possibly 2am again when it turned back on. So very cold nights with no heating in any of the 3 bedrooms brrrr. At least I charged my tablet up during the day so I was prepared for Thursday night lol.

Anyway, in conclusion! This is one thing I won't miss if the Cochlear Implant all goes my way & I get some help through it for sound. To allow me to have at least some conversation during a blackout!

Its a bit the same as wanting to talk while in bed when the lights out ... can't do that in the deaf world. Light has to be turned on, which frustrates hubby i'm sure when I wake him up & then turn the light on lol.It used to be with a hearing aid, I could at least pop that in & get some hearing so I could keep talking in the dark. But yeah, its just small things like this that a normal hearing person probably wouldn't even think of as being a problem ... but it does make a big issue.

On another note, finally finished my antibiotics today!! No infections coming my way!! 

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