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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sick of this cold!

So sick of my cold now! I still have continuous ringing in my ears (aka: tinnitus). The whole family has colds at the moment. lil miss is staying home from kindy today so we're having a nice lazy day at home & hopefully she'll be able to attend tmw - this is her first week attending 3 days in a row too! (Besides from the last 2 weeks when she went 4 days in a row while I was recovering & hubby worked from home).

For anyone that doesn't experience tinnitus/ringing in the ears, it varies in terms of what you "hear" ringing wise. My most common type of ringing is like the ATM machines that beep when you have to take the card out of the slot or the money. I dunno if all ATMs do that or not, but the ones I have used in the past (when I had hearing) do. Have you ever made a deposit in an ATM? And they spit the envelope out at you to deposit the money/cheques. And it beeps all the time & usually most people stuff the money into the envelope as fast as possible coz of that annoying beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep that just doesn't stop lol. Well, at the moment thats what i'm hearing all the bloody time lol.

And each & every time I cough or blow my nose, it gets worse. This is possibly due to the CI surgery I had 20days ago. I am hoping that it will not be long term & will go away once CI is activated. But it is so annoying at the moment during the healing process of the surgery.

Scar is itching like mad now, which I know is a good thing as it means its healing. But gosh its frustrating along with all the "noise" (tinnitus) & blocked nose & coughing. I just want a break!

In terms of healing from the CI Surgery (Its now Day 20 post surgery! Time flies!), I think i've gotten rid of most of the numbness (or maybe the metallic taste - not sure what it is but it was annoying lol) - that was on the tip of my tongue. Finally! 20 days was a lot when I had that on the tip of my tongue. Very happy its almost gone. Its not annoying me now anyway, & its not noticeable at all times too.

Still have pain on that side if I try & sleep on it. Its the side I always sleep on, so the past 20days has been very tricky learning to sleep on the other side. My body seems to have given up now & I end up on my usual side which is fine, it just causes a bit of discomfort when I wake up.

Otherwise in general, there is no pain. Its tender & a bit sore to touch where the bump is which is where the magnetic part & the mechanical part lies under the skin.

Tucking my hair behind my ear is still a pain, as I rub the scar when I do that. Just little things like this that are still causing me issues.

I am still using a hair dryer to dry my scar when I get out of the shower. Also using it to dry my hair (haha) just a bit. Rather pointless if I dry the scar & then tuck wet hair behind my ears really isn't it lol.

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