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Monday, 29 July 2013

Possible setback? ...

On Thursday night I felt the beginning of a cold coming on, by Saturday morning I felt terrible but at the same time was confident it was going to be OK. I could still breath through my nose & throat was just a little bit sore, but we put that down to me snoring at night time due to my blocked nose when I lay down at bedtime.

Sunday was a bit different but still similar & I managed to do a bit of gardening even, to get me outside & fresh air yada yada. Sunday night was feeling a bit worse for wear, so put myself to bed nice & early. Sleeping wasn't a good option though & was feeling awful lying down & throat was getting more & more sore. Starting to get a bit worried at this point.

Woke up at 4am after getting to sleep about midnight. Throat felt terrible, not at all bothered with the blocked nose by this stage as the throat was the worst. By 5.30am I managed to convince hubby that I couldn't wait any longer (GP would open at 9.30am! 4hrs away & there was no way I was going to be able to get back to sleep like this). So off we went to the emergency at the local hospital.

Saw the nurse, no fever (thats a good thing!!), had a look at throat but didn't say anything. Then told us to wait for the doctor ... 3hrs later we were walking out the door again - seen the doctor who said Strep throat! Prescription for Penicillin & a diagnosis of 'possibly not able to have surgery on Wednesday'. But we decided to contact my surgeon anyway just to see what his thoughts were.

So we got home, hubby rang up reception & surgeon wasn't in until later in the day. But her thoughts on it were that it was possible still, as I didn't have fever or a cough.

At 12.30pm the call came ... my hero, da Cruz said surgery can still go ahead!! Hubby got off the phone & i'm waiting anxiously to find out what he said. Hubby gave me 2 thumbs up! All good!

Will keep in contact with them over the next 24hrs to make sure its not any worse. If I get a fever or cough, then they will have to reassess it.

So no coughing!!!!!! I'm staying home! Not going out. Hubby will take lil miss to kindy tmw & pick her up. Its gonna be fine! Staying positive & hopeful that between now & tmw night nothing happens & by then i'll know what time my surgery is the following day!

Phew! Hopefully tonight i'll sleep better knowing that even though the throat hurts like a bit%h, I still have the OK from my surgeon. Now I can breathe again ;)

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