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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Feeling the Love!

Note: Yet another reason why I need some hearing back! This afternoon, hubby said something to lil miss & her reaction was looking worried as if to say "I dunno what you are talking about, Daddy". I was watching hubbys lips (lip reading) & when I turned to see Abbys reaction. For a split second my response was WHAT THE HELL? I thought he'd said "you got a hickey" ... turned out he'd said "your leaking" (she was drinking out of her drink bottle she takes to kindy & it was leaking down her top) :P

Anyways! lol

Managed to score some new ebooks today too. Hubby asked a really dumb question (which he realised how dumb it was AFTER he'd asked it) ... "Do you have any ebooks to read on your tablet to take to hospital with you in case you feel like reading?" ... Well, what was I meant to say? I have a list long enough to take me around the world many times, of course i'm going to say No, I need more :P

3.30pm today the hospital admissions people rang up & confirmed that yes, my surgery is tmw & yes, I need to fast from midnight tonight & yes, I need to be there at 6am! (We live almost 2hrs away from the hospital!) Eeek!

Earlier today, I updated my status on Facebook & mentioned about my surgery (to be honest, I don't think i've been doing anything else lol). Since that update I have had so many lovely comments from so many friends wishing me well & good luck. Feeling so much love just through Facebook, which is where all my friends are I guess. I don't know many people in the area where I live, & anyone I do know, is on Facebook anyway lol.

I said that I could count the number of relatives that have contacted me over the past week, on one hand lol. Definitely can't do that for my friends :)

So a special shout out to all of you near & far who have 'liked' my statuses regarding my surgery or commented on them.

Its feeling all real now! Bag is packed, meds are packed, x-rays & MRI's are packed, all my health fund & medicare details are packed. Just downing my last Pepsi Max for the night before I head off to bed & start my fasting lol.

Just an overnight stay at hospital with all my meds 
Hoping for no hypo's tonight!! Had one this morning which was not good timing, so hopefully no repeat of that tmw. Or if it does happen, then it happens while i'm in hospital & they can hook me up ;) If I do have a hypo during my fasting time, I am only allowed tiny sips of orange juice - enough to get me out of the low. I am also allowed honey - but anyone who knows me, knows I HATE honey. So that just ain't gonna happen.

Bit scared though, hubby went out & bought orange juice tonight ... came home with 2 big 2Litre bottles of Orange Juice! Yikes! Thats a bit over the top for someone that doesn't really like orange juice anyway since it gives me such a headache when I drink it lol. (But admittedly, its good for the hypos!).

Got an email from my Mum tonight too. Currently in Paris! Just arrived there yesterday, so she will be having a fantastic time & keeping busy during my recovery to keep her mind off me. Actually, hopefully when i'm having the surgery, with the time difference - she should be sleeping! ;) Hubby is going to keep her updated though in case she is naughty & awake at that time. Feels so strange having something so major happening & not having my Mum with me. She's been there since the beginning of all my hearing appts & would have been the first person to suggest the Cochlear implant & giving me the chance to get it done. She's done so much for me over the years as a single parent. I have never gone without anything important.

I have my fingers crossed big time, that this works for me enough to be able to ring up my Mum on the phone & talk to her! Seriously, emails are just not the same!! I miss talking to my Mum so much & like I say, would love to be able to have the chance to do that again over the phone every now & again. Hard enough being in another country, let alone not being able to ring her up when I need her.

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