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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 1: Post Surgery

Not sure I slept much overnight in the hospital. But isn't that always the way. I kept thinking it over in my head last night 'perhaps I should have asked to go straight home'. But as much as I would have prefered my own bed & possibly slept better in it than the hospital one. I feel more confident having stayed overnight. I had no dizziness at all & I had no blood pressure problems or anything out of the ordinary.

Left hospital today at 11am. Discharge is meant to happen at 9am, but lil miss was being a brat at home & hubby didn't get here until 11 lol. Thankfully the nurse in charge was a lovely lady & said no worries. I just stayed in bed, sleeping actually until it was closer to the time. Which was very handy as yesterday I didn't get some of my medication that I usually have every morning, so I was getting withdrawls from not having my usual antidepressants which makes me dizzy when I miss a dose! By the time it was time for me to leave, I actually felt better & no longer 'a bit tipsy'. So it worked out really well being able to stay in a bit longer.

After leaving the hospital, we actually stopped at Kmart somewhere along the way & had a little look around & I was fine doing that. I had no pain at this stage still. Had lunch at Maccas on the M4, thats when the pain started up again. Only after I had eaten, so I managed a Maccas Quarter Pounder & chips with no pain. Once we got closer to the mountains part (probably near 1pm), pain started kicking in again, so I had a prescribed painkiller, but am thinking I should have had 2 instead of 1. Still pain for the drive home, which was rather bumpy, being the Blue Mountains where there is currently a hell of a lot of road works lol. But I survived!

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