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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

1 week to go!

This time next week I will be freaking out big time! And probably trying to distract myself about the surgery & try to acknowledge the fact that its been 12years since I moved to Australia (on 30th July). Wow, to be honest back 12yrs ago I didn't even think about the possibility of being here that long. I don't think I looked any further than that day lol. Not that I saw myself leaving hubby (boyfriend at the time), but yeah, I was possibly naive & didn't think about the future - or at least didn't think where on earth i'd be 12yrs later!

I'm sure I have lots of questions to ask. Right now I can't think of any but I have many many fears. What are they? I can't even think about it. My whole mind just comes up blank when I think about the surgery.

People seem to have this vision that i'll walk out of the hospital after the surgery & i'll not be deaf. Thats so not the way it happens. When I have this surgery on the 31st, it will be the beginning (or a 2nd beginning if I want to count from my initial consultation to get the implant), it will be the beginning of a very long road.

While I am in theatre, they test the cochlear implant to make sure its functioning, that means that they are checking to make sure its not faulty basically! Its nothing to do with my hearing at that stage, its to make sure the equipment that they've just thrown in my head is working. Just like they would with a pacemaker, or a new kidney transplant etc. Always make sure its initially working before 'closing up'.

Beyond that though, the first time which is what they call the 'switch on', that will be about 4weeks later. As of today, we don't yet have an appt, but we are looking at the last week in August. So thats a month after the surgery.

During that time I will be recovering & letting my scar heal & hoping like hell that I don't experience much dizziness / lack of balance. I have suffered from a lot of dizziness in the past 10years & it is something that i'm not looking forward to.

Bought myself some new PJ's in the weekend for my hospital stay, but i'm currently wondering if I should have bought something a bit warmer. Nevermind, i'm sure i'll be able to throw on a sweater if I need to ;) 

The other day I was thinking of things to take in with me & I thought back to a lady in the US who was admitted to hospital before the birth of her twins. She is a sewer/quilter & she took her sewing machine in with her. I thought that was a really clever idea. She was in a private room (i'm assuming lol) & she had all her stuff set up in her room. Then she would get her husband to bring in bits that she either forgot or new projects that she wanted to start sewing. How fun! Have to reassure my hubby that I won't do that to him lol ;) Nup, i'll only be in hospital for about 24hrs or a bit more so won't need to do a semi permanent move into the hospital with my craft room :)

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