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Monday, 1 July 2013

Its JULY!! Surgery month!

1st July today, which means by the end of the month I will have my Cochlear Implant surgery & recovering in hospital overnight! Woohoo!

Kind of not feeling real yet, I have an appt next monday with my surgeon so i'm sure it will hit me by then that it is happening. I'm kind of not wanting to get overly excited in case something happens like insurance won't pay for it. I've gotten worked up about it before only to be told I couldn't get it on my current plan, or we thought it was OK & then turned out I wasn't high enough on a plan. So even though hubby has checked it for me, i'm "sitting on the fence" kind of, not wanting to get too far ahead of myself just yet.

I'm sure later in the month that will change though ;)

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