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Monday, 8 July 2013

Final appt with surgeon!

Had my final appt with Dr da Cruz today. Next time I see him it will be surgery day! Yikes, its getting a bit more real now. Had a bit list of questions to ask & got answers to them all.

I never realised that they will cut behind the ear, so scaring will be minimal & much less visable than my cranial surgery (wouldn't be hard to be less visable with that though lol). I am very vain, I have very low self esteem. I hate my looks & all of that, so if I can avoid something then I will. But da Cruz reassured me today that they cut between the hairline & the ear, so there is really no shaving needed to be done of the hair, which therefore means, less hair loss to worry about long term.

My facial surgery that I had back in 1995, involved 'slicing my head open' for lack of a better term. Went over my head from ear to ear - the scar feels so obvious & I have lots of hair missing along the scar line. So I was concerned that I would have yet another "blank" spot on my head where no hair would grow back, but I am now certain that won't be the case. I wonder now if there is a possibility later down the track whether the magnetic pressure of the magnet on the outside, connecting magnetically to the inside, whether that causes a bit of friction perhaps & maybe hair loss may occur then, but there is nothing I can do about that. But thats OK.

I have my hospital admissions form to fill out. All 12-15 pages of it! Need to recharge my memory & remember all my previous surgeries & all my medications that i'm on. So will leave that til later in the week once i've had time to read the form properly! Don't want to rush the form & get anything wrong!

So that is one of the next things on my list, along with getting hubby to ring up my health insurance company & checking the item numbers & making sure that I really am eligible to claim it on my health insurance. Probably checked about 3 times so far this year. But the numbers are different than what we got given the first time, so best to check, check & check again!

Got given the Adult Candidate Kit from Cochlear. Has heaps of information about the actual implant, along with all the accessories that I can order. I love looking through catalogues in general, so this has been exciting. Definitely feeling real now!

The official Cochlear implant that I am getting is called: Cochlear Nucleus® 5 System - I have a name for it now! Now I can do heaps of research (including the accessories that come with it - I love accessories! hehe)

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