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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pushed forward!

Just got an email from my surgeons secretary confirming my surgery date on the 7th August. BUT also saying that da Cruz was wondering if i'd like to bring forward my surgery & have it on the 31st July instead! Gee, let me think about that for a second ...

YES! lol. Only 7days, but geez it feels like a lifetime that i've been waiting for this. First I wasn't eligible, then I was possibly eligible, but didn't have the right policy for my health insurance, then I tried a different aid & we thought that might work, then that didn't work & then I had health issues which then came up with another hearing test to find out that I was eligible for the Cochlear Implant, then find out I was on the right policy, but the waiting period wasn't finished for it yet, so had to wait 10 or so months. Now the day is finally here! And I have a date! Yay

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