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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Combining my crafts together

As i've said before, I love all sorts of crafts. I hope that I can continue to love them too. I have been a bit absent from my Papercrafts after I dropped out of being a Kazazz Independant Consultant in May last year. I think I got a bit burnt out while trying to build up my customer base etc. I spent a lot of time making up kits & classes, which meant using the products to showcase them. After spending a long time making them, I was still not getting any customers & my limited levels of communication being deaf, meant I didn't go out into the public to show off the products or even drop off flyers in letterboxes around the neighbourhood.

So after dealing with all that & not getting any success, I dropped off on the papercraft side of my hobbies & went into my Quilting/sewing & woodcraft / renovating/recycling whatever you want to call it lol.

But earlier this month, my Mum asked me if I could sometime make her some cards so she has a stash of birthday cards to give to her friends. Now my Mum is a mad Quilter & many of her friends are quilters / fabric addicts too. So I decided to do a google search & find some inspiration for my cards that I would make ... One of the blogs I came across is ...all things Moz which has this gorgeous Quilters Birthday Card made my Moz, the blogs owner. It was made using an embossing folder & I thought that folder would be absolutely perfect for the cards that I could make for my Mum. Moz very kindly responded to my comment on her blog which asked what folder it was. I then had to find the folder in online shops in Australia ... guess what, I couldn't find anyone!! Found 1 shop in Australia, but they were sold out, so I emailed them & their reply was that they had contacted their supplier but were advised that they would not be restocking it. Arghh noooo!

So I had to look around elsewhere & find an international shop that stocked it & who were willing to post to me in Australia. I didn't think it would be that hard - but apparently it is lol. Especially when its just a little embossing folder! Several places had minimum order amounts before you could checkout. Thankfully, I found a website in the UK & emailed them for a quote for postage. Fantastic! Worked out cheaper than what it would have cost me to buy it in Australia & get it posted lol. All done within less than 24hrs. Signed sealed delivered ... its on its way to me! Now I just have to wait for the postie to deliver it.

Now I will have the perfect embossing folder to make some cards for my Mum, which is the least I can do for her since she's the worlds best Mum & has never said no to anything i've asked of her before. So it feels great to be able to do something for her like this when she asks :) She's actually a bit like me, she does have her papercraft stuff after learning some stuff from me ... but she's just so busy with her quilting, not to mention having a full time job, so time just disappears & her papercraft stash just sits in its drawer waiting & waiting lol. I'm sure the time will come one day when she will realise all the yummy stash that she has & really doesn't need to be asking her only child to make her some cards hehe. But still, as I say, i'm always happy to do something for her & really excited that I managed to find this embossing folder which really suits her friends too. :)

And in other news: I have added a widget to the right hand side of my blog which shows my "2012 Reading Challenge" which I have set myself up for through the Good Reads website. My initial goal is 60 books for 2012 & as of today I have currently read 40 books so far this year. I am addicted to books. We have boxes & boxes stored in all rooms of the house full of books. There just isn't enough hours in the day / night to get through them lol. Since having my daughter I think before this year, I had probably read about 2 books since her birth in May 2010. It didn't help that she was in our bedroom til just the other day either! So I couldn't lie in bed & read like I have always done in the past. But somehow, this year, 2012, I have been able to find time to read lots of books. Mainly free ones from Amazon & read through the Kindle App for my Android tablet, which I read all my books on now. So some of them have been just little short stories maybe. Maybe that is how i've read so many this year compared to last year. But anyway, I am really enjoying reading again & am totally in love with my Acer Iconia tablet ;) I have broadened my reading genres too since I started downloading free ebooks that I have found through Amazon & showcased on Pixel of Ink website & daily email.

Happy Crafting!

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