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Friday, 7 September 2012

Eeek, it's all happening!

Today was my big appt! The big appt to find out if I could possibly hear again, my last option at the end of the line after trying every other option...

And my ENT said YES! I am eligible to get the Cochlear Implant! All my bones & brain are in the right place ... well, he never actually confirmed that I had a brain in there ;P but if it is, then its not in a bad position or preventing the implant to happen!

Incredibly excited to say the least, for the chance to hear my baby girl talk, call my name, giggle! I can't wait! Obviously, surgery has its usual risks involved in any surgery. I am well aware of any risks, especially ones that involve the head! Been there done that! The implant may not work for me, that is another possibility. But I have the right stuff to be eligible for it to get the chance to find out if its going to work for me or not. So I have to take that!

My specialist said that I may be "switched on" before christmas! How awesome will that be!!! I think I may go a bit overboard on presents this year just in case, so I can hear my baby girl squeal with delight when she opens those pressies! ;)

We went out to celebrate for dinner & bought Nando's. Thats pretty classy for us lol. Usually its KFC lol. So Nando's is a step up ;) Now we begin the waiting period, waiting til my next appt (which we have to wait for THEM to ring us up). I'm very impatient at the best of times, so i'm hoping it all goes quickly!

Now, what colour aid should I look at ;)
Just one of the many options I could choose!
Happy Crafting! 

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