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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

From TV Cabinet to Miss2's Wardrobe!

In September 2011, we bought a 2nd hand TV cabinet that was bigger than our usual one. After buying it, I had an idea. Could I make the old TV cabinet that we bought back in 2001 when we first moved in together, into a little Wardrobe for lil miss!? I had visions of it running around in my head for ages & really wanted to see it through.

The problem with wanting to do this was the weather was really terrible this summer with so many wet days. We have no garage, so I couldn't do it inside a garage or anything. The only spare room we have, which is meant to be the room that lil miss sleeps in (she's still in our bedroom at the moment!), the room that lil miss is meant to have, is the only room in the house which gets any sun if it ever appears even for a little bit. So, thats where the clothes rack sat all winter drying clothes! So I couldn't put the cabinet on the floor in there & dry clothes at the same time.

Finally though, its all worked out & as of today ... it is complete! I have taken so many photos throughout the process, but basically here is the before & after photo :)

Before: TV Cabinet that we bought for our first home back in August 2001
AFTER: Wardrobe for lil miss on the right & one for her doll as well on the bottom left! And above that 2 shelves which i'll put some baskets in when I find some the right size lol

I felt my Daddys presence throughout the project. He was a carpenter & I know he would be thinking this was a pretty cool project. So i'm pretty happy with it & have already got plans for my next 'upcycle' project ;)

Happy Crafting!

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