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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy Fathers Day

 Happy Fathers Day

We went on a family outing today & went to Westfield Shopping mall. This is the first time i've been to a shopping centre since my switch on. I know in previous experiences back when I used Hearing Aids that the intital tuning of the hearing aid usually turns out pretty terrible when used in a very busy environment. So I was expecting the worst & expecting to want to take it out or at least switch it off & write that down as another thing that needed to be fixed at my next appointment.

However, it turned out absolutely fine! I had no experiences where I thought i'm going to have to turn it off coz its just killing me with the loudness / wrong tone etc. So that is massive! A huge relief! Especially considering we had lunch next to the childrens playground by the food court! Like seriously, I was really concerned lol.

I still find this whole journey incredible & that all this sound is coming to me via transmitting signals through a magnet into a plastic/fake cochlear implant & getting to my brain via millions of nerves working hard at it in my head. Like, absolutely nothing is going via my outer ear. I could be a rugby player & have "cauliflower ears" like a forward & I would still be hearing what I am currently hearing coz it would make no difference. I could close up my ear & it will not change it. Technology is incredible, seriously. I am so so happy. I know I have my bad days & i've had a couple. Friday & Saturday were my bad days so far.

Not completely sure if any/ some or all of it was connected to all the nerves working hard in my head, but I had my temperature ranging from 38C - 42C for the past 2 days. I didn't wear my sound processor at all on Friday as I felt so sick. I felt queasy, my BSL's were high (i'm a type 1 diabetic since the age of 6yrs as well if some of my readers aren't aware of that already).

I was home alone looking after my lil miss 3yr old. She was craving my attention & I was struggling big time. I just needed to avoid my sound processor that day in case it was going to make me feel worse than I already felt. I got absolutely no sleep that night, & was still feeling crap by Saturday morning. I eventually got my temperature down to 36C by about 2pm & went straight to bed. My skin was tingling, I think that was due to the temperature. So all this, I honestly don't know if it is an infection from my cold that i've had on & off since my surgery thats never really completely gone. I have some really yucky looking scabs etc on my nose & theres one in my left ear & other places. GP has given me something for it last week, but i'm not sure whether that may have played a part in the temperature.. So, i've been feeling that it may be an infection, but it may be some of the crazy stuff that is happening in my brain at the moment, the big realisation that there is sound in there now & there hasn't been any in there for the past 3-5yrs! Obviously its going to be shocked!! I can't imagine what it must be like for the brain to have been longer without any sound in there. So I am thankful that for me personally its been a relatively short time I guess.

My specialist has told me to expect all this stuff happening & discomfort due to the chemicals playing around up there. I will try & find out & see if this is something that could be caused by the whole switch on, or if it was completely unrelated. I don't want to scare anyone who may be looking at it. Obviously I have felt like absolute crap these past 2 days, but today (Sunday) its been completely fine! No troubles hearing hubby or lil miss.

What i'm hearing today:
  • I had a conversation with hubby almost the entire car trip (about 1hr). While he was driving!! So I can't lip read him clearly. I didn't need to. I could actually hear him today. That was pretty cool. And we did the same on the way home too. 
  • I also got to experience just how much lil miss babbles on in the car while we're driving lol. I hadn't been able to experience that before. Hubby often tells me that she's chatting to herself in the back seat by using a hand gesture that would commonly be used I believe to describe a chatterbox! So yes, I knew she was chatting lots by hubby telling me. But i've never heard it myself. So that was fun.
  • We parked in the underground carpark. Lots of cars driving around etc. I've been used to walking around in silence when I know that the carpark is usually a noisy place. Sound echoes etc in the underground parks with concrete around. Peoples car alarms beeping, all that sort of thing. So today, I got to hear all that.
  • Today I used the ATM machine for the first time with my processor in - I heard the little beeps when I entered my PIN number & pressed the buttons for money amount etc. That was pretty cool being able to hear those things again!
  • Tonight I heard the sound for the game that hubby & I play on facebook lol. Have never heard it before & I was completely baffled by the sound until hubby explained that what I was hearing was his computer speakers switched on, so the sound from the game was playing hehe. Funny!

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