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Friday, 13 September 2013

Bit of a recap ...

2weeks & 2days since my switch on - incredible! It feels "normal" already. My next challenge is to sort out the telephone! That probably doesn't sound like a hard thing to most people, but remember, sound doesn't go through my middle ear like a normal hearing person - so the ear piece of the phone doesn't sit on the ear. The microphone is up the top on the behind the ear piece of the sound processor, so little things like that will take time getting into a technique to hold it above where most people will hold it.

I also need to learn to rely on words & hearing & not lip reading. I can hear a lot of words now & have done really well with listening to sounds & some words from my audiologist speaking from behind a hand. So i'm hoping it won't be too difficult. I have lots of pointers about how to go about re-learning to use the telephone. It will be amazing to be able to chat on the phone with my Mum again! The last 2 times I spoke with my Mum on the phone were very difficult times for me. Both relating to a death to someone in my family. Most of my significant events in life since then have been either via text message or email. When I was pregnant, when lil miss was born & when we bought our first home. All via written methods rather than being able to ring up & get an instant response. It is what it is. There isn't anything I can do to change that, but i'm looking forward to being able to call her up definitely & be able to just chat. Coz sometimes its just nicer & easier to chat rather than email. And things get left unsaid or unexplained in emails.

Something i've noticed today is something a little odd, but anyway - I have confidence to leave lil miss in the living room playing with toys, or watching TV while I have a shower & i'm having a shower every day since my switch on. Very odd! I don't even have hearing while in the shower, never have never will lol. But since my switch on 2wks ago, i've gained confidence or something to allow myself to have that shower everyday. Haven't done that since I was pregnant lol (not saying I stunk!! But I didn't have one daily, which I used to do). Maybe its partly due to the fact that lil miss is older & I can trust her to be OK out there. She can open the bathroom door if she needs to now as well. But I think it has been a lot to do with my switch on too. So much has changed in myself since that day.I am actually feeling more awake during the days too because of the shower, or at least thats what I think.

I had my 2nd appointment on Wednesday this week, since the switch on. My hearing is pretty stable already. Im very surprised. Only a few adjustments were made, mainly for those high pitched sounds that i'm not used to & that I feel like I want to turn it off when I hear them. So now, those things that hurt me, don't anymore. But all that was changed without the need to reduce clarity or volume of the everyday stuff. Fantastic! While I was waiting for my train today, I heard some sparrows chirping. I think they are such cute little creatures & love their little chirping. Have so missed hearing them! We don't have many near our house & I actually got on a different train station today, so they obviously have them there. Was a lovely moment.

The list below, may seem like really basic things, but they are also things that probably most of us take for granted. Tiny little things that you don't even imagine not being able to hear, they are just a fact of everyday life for most of us. It may make you wonder what it is like to not hear them each & every single day. Its a scary time to lose your hearing after having heard all of this sort of thing before. 

Here is a recap of what I have heard in the past 2weeks & 2days (still can't believe half of it myself!) ...

  • My daughter!
  • One of the best things besides being able to hear my daughter in general, is hearing her say "Mummy" & "I love you, Mummy" xxx :) (I also heard her say "I hate you Mummy. I want Daddy!" for the first time yesterday - that wasn't so great Doh!)
  • My husband
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rotary cutter (craft related)
  • Iron steaming
  • Water dripping from the tap
  • Tap being turned on & releasing water!
  • Key unlocking the front door 
  • the wind! 
  • Pedestrian crossing lights noise when its time to cross (incredible being able to not have to stare at the green lil man & rely on that!)
  • Frypan with oil sizzling
  • plastic bags crinkling
  • newspaper being turned
  • Kenwood mixer
  • Microwave 
  • various celebrities voices on TV for the first time (thankfully, have not yet heard One Direction or Justin Bieber though!)
  • My cat, Ozzie purring
  • Pigeon flapping its wings during take off
  • Birds of all varieties chirping & tweeting 
  • Train announcements
    • While sitting on the platform, the train announcement saying where the train is going to & what stations it stops at
    • While on the train "Doors Closing, Please stand clear"
    • Also on the train "Next stop, ...... "
  • Postie knocking on the door with a parcel!
  • lil miss & her beginning of the never ending "why, why" questions ;)
  • Next door neighbours chatting on their own property! 
  • Power tools & non-power tools like hammers happening on a house building site a couple of doors down!
  • Being able to have a conversation with hubby while in the car & he is driving!
  • Realising how much lil miss chats away in the back seat while in the car
  • ATM machine - beeping of the numbers & telling you to take the money & card out etc
  • Computer games on Facebook that hubby & I play. 
  • Car alarms & general car park noises
  • my daughter giggling
  • Clothes pegs clicking when they go back into the basket
  • Our washing machine
  • My dog panting after playing with his toys 
  • My dogs paws tapping on the tiles in the laundry when I take him outside for the day
  • Felt tip pens being dragged along the paper by lil miss 
  • All of lil miss's toys!
  • Car indicator
  • clicking of my insulin pen when I dial up my dose
  • Mouse & keyboard clicking / tapping on the computer
  • Digital camera clicks when it takes a photo & makes a purr sound when it auto-focuses!
  • Cat meowing

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