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Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 9: Post Op appointment

Today was my post op appointment with my fantastic surgeon, Associate Professor Melville da Cruz.

Pulled off my bandage that has been over the scar since surgery day & gave me the thumbs up! Everything looks perfect from his point of view on the outside & reviewing the xrays again (that were done on the day of surgery), the placement of the cochlear implant etc is all perfect.

So next step is the Switch On! Bring it on!

Due to having a late appointment at Westmead Private Hospital, hubby took us out for tea at Hoggies in Penrith. Was like a little celebration of getting through the past week. So we had a great night out. lil miss actually behaved herself! Incredible!! lol. So all in all, it was a great day :)

Now, below - if you are squirmish, you may not want to view this photo of my scar. It really isn't much of a scar to be honest. I think its so incredibly neat its amazing! Or maybe the photo is just really bad & doesn't show it well lol. Blame hubby for that :P But this is my scar, taken tonight at 9pm 9 days after my surgery. About 1 inch of hair was shaved off. But thats about it. I am absolutely amazed by how minimal everything is. There is a huge bump further behind the ear, where there is still hair - that is where the magnetic part & the "mechanical part" (for lack of a better / official word for it lol) sits. Can definitely feel it at the moment, I dunno if that will change. Maybe it may reduce a bit with swelling, but I think there may still be some evidence of where it sits full time. Not sure.

9days after surgery, after bandage was removed earlier today.

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