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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New Project

Now that i've finished the baby quilt, I have started my next project already! Hows that for lack of procrastination! lol

Its my Mums birthday at the beginning of October, so I need to get moving, hence the speedy jump from one project to another, as post takes about a week to get to NZ so I need to post it before the end of this month!

Saw this project, Moda's Ruffled Jelly Roll Table Runner, ages ago & thought it looked like an easy thing to start with for using my Ruffler foot for the first time! I asked my Mum if she was game to let me make her something so I can try out my new foot that I bought a few months ago ... yes she was! The reason why I wanted to ask her, was I needed to know the kind of colours she wanted since its a table runner - theoretically, its going to be on her dining room table for all to see often! So I couldn't just choose colours that I wanted. So anyway, thats all sorted I have the fabric etc all ordered 2wks ago & now have it in my hot little hands.

I have to say, I LOVE the colours that they have used on the sample. If I could find this collection, then i'd probably have made it like this, but its proved rather difficult to find (I have found it, but not at a price I want to pay!). So thats OK! We will get over that hehe.

Can't wait to start 'ruffling' my tail-feathers! ;) Must hem up hubbys work pants this afternoon, so I can change the foot to the ruffler! Its a rather slow process to change to this foot, hence why I haven't used it before now! I tried it on the day I got it, but then had to change back to normal & haven't tried it again since!

Happy Crafting!

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