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Monday, 12 August 2013

Date for the Switch On!

Just received my information in the mail today
I now have a date! 28th August 2013 is my proposed Switch On date! Lock it in! Not entirely sure how lil miss is going to cope with my 2hr appointment though lol. But i'm sure hubby won't need to stay with me for the entire thing, so they can probably leave & go for a walk or something somewhere while i'm busy doing all the hard stuff!

Its rather daunting reading through the proposed calendar for me. I have appointments all penciled in for the first 12mths from the date of the switch on! I have to say though, as daunting as that is, its amazing to see it planned out so well. 7 appointments all pre-booked over the next year. Great to have it all sorted out in advance.

In the past, with new hearing aids, its always really been a bit nuts. You get the hearing aid, then they play around with the computer to get it right, then you go home & if you have problems with it then you ring up & make another appt. I think over the last couple of hearing aids that i've had, I think i've possibly just ignored it or avoided going back to get them changed / adjusted. Sometimes it was such a long wait to get an appt, that by the time they were able to see me, I didn't think there was a problem anymore. There probably was, I just was so used to it by then.

Anyway, inside my envelope was all this information about the actual Switch on process. Its a very thorough process, as it should be of course.  Its not exactly an easy thing to function i'm sure! But it also gave me some Post Surgery information. Tad late for that but nevermind lol. It gave me advice like not blowing my nose hard for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Also, to avoid catching a cold! Well, I stuffed that up, coz my lovely family has given me their colds doh! Have a blocked nose that i've been fairly careful with not to blow my nose hard. I did actually read something about that on someones blog a while ago, so I did remember that in case! But I was never sure why I couldn't blow my nose & I never asked (always forgot to ask when I was at my appts). I assumed it was something to do with making me dizzy but it is actually because it can cause pain in the ear & / or tinnitus. It can also dislodge the implant from the inner ear! So it is wise to avoid catching a cold. So anyone reading this BEFORE having this surgery, keep that in mind & learn from my mistake lol.

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