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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Decisions decisions

One of my next reno challenges is making this chest of drawers into a fun cute chest of drawers for lil miss 2yr old.
 The inside of the drawers ...
At the moment I have got as far as deciding that the colour of it is going to match everything else that will be in her room. So that will be white. Reason being is that as she gets older she'll be able to tell me what colour she wants it, so for now i'll leave it all just plain white & then we can get into the fun colours later on. No big deal.

But, the handles that are currently on it are old & since this photo was taken 2yrs ago, its now missing 2 handles. So i'm replacing the lot, which means surfing the net for some fun but cheap handles or knobs! I love this part!

So far i've found some crystal like ones that would give the impression of princess, girly kind of drawers. But then I have to decide which ones would be better out of the 2 photos below?

So that is where I am currently at for this week. Tough decisions to be made ;) I hope I make the right one!

Happy Crafting!

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